Dance Performance


Burlesque and Fire

Among all the sounds of jazz you'll see street performers of every kind. Every corner has a hall with a stage, rowdy burlesque dancers play to the boisterous crowds.
On the side walks are mysterious fire dancers and eaters. The elegant beauty of dance with dangerous flames is hypnotic to watch,

Photo Credit: Taken March 29, 2016. By JAMES GIBBARD/Tulsa World
Photo Credit: Taken March 29, 2016. By JAMES GIBBARD/Tulsa World

Our Dance Performance

Like the all singing all dancing hall of the Moulin Rouge. No Mardi Gras celebration would be complete without dance!


Kali's Enferno

Fire Performance Troupe

More details are to come.


Moonlight Minx Parade

Burlesque Troupe

We're proud to announce burlesque performance, aerial dance, and fan feather performances through out the Masquerade by the Moonlight Minx Parade!
Tulsa's newest burlesque and variety troupe will be on stage to flaunt, shake, dance, and tease! No Mardi Gras experience would be complete without rowdy ladies and a sexy fun time! From striptease to aerial silks these ladies are serving up sensual moves, visual delights, and T&A by the dozer load!

The Flavors of New Orleans

If New Orleans is known for anything it's gourmet dishes of south Louisiana comfort food.  Geaux get yourself some Cajun Flavors, you wont be disappointed.